Death Gothic Doom

by Lycanthrope

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released January 25, 2014


tags: metal Tokyo



Lycanthrope Tokyo, Japan

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Track Name: Desecration
As we lost blessing of our saviour
As he cast us into vulture

All of sufferings, struggles and tears from our devotion will lead us to the path to our doom
Can't you see this tragedy by the trust for god and blind faith for these creed
Falling from this grace of belief is emancipation of us from this painful doubt and the gloom
Oh you had better cry to our scream and a procession of damned

Will you die for the sacred rapture
Till you lie down under failure

Rise from ashes of the blackened grief as the demon itself
Eyes you see is full of rage against above once deserted us

Track Name: The Blind Leading the Blind
Fool's devotion lead them to life as a slave
Feel a fascination that make people blind to the truth

Spread your poison and rule this world
Aware you're might and chosen one
So nothing ends your tyranny
Now you lay world down

Free thought is deserves to be dead
Greed exploitation
Who watches the blind leading the blind?

Frail prayer that no one cares
Freedom and peace are dead and gone now
All is end, Oh, poor mankind
Now you crumble down

I cry for dark
And I try to leave
from this court of idiot king

Soul's distortion
Reality appears as a hell
Fall of the nation unite us in disorder and death
Track Name: Angel's Bane
The domination of mind bind 'em here
Rebuild nightmare
Hard to escape

This beast of lust goes insane
Insincere love hurts again and again

Abominations rob mind to disgrace
Rejoice wicked deeds
Hard to see

This feast of lust rots inside
Embrace the love child of disease
Rusty knives end these lives
Degeneration never stops

Sacrifices for their lord
Angel's bane

This beast of lust goes insane
Insincere love hurts again and again
Captive angel blind to see
Disintegration of soul

Angels chained to cage
Enslaved to merciless king
Cry with eternal pain
Cruelty reigns their world
Track Name: Reveal the Truth
Repulse this enmity and sense the rain erodes us
The shame of our sin
Recoil at seeing light's absence and ruins inside of us
The fate we've ever seen

Within the hollow of my heart
Without blessing of our lord

Reveal the truth of our sin and pain
Withered sun will swallow insanity

We reap the sorrow from our heart
Revise and redefine this world

Resume the endeavour unknown
I reach to the way that seemingly absurd
Reveal the truth of our sin and pain again
The God in the metaphysics has fled
Track Name: My Vengeful Dream
In the dark and the still of night
Eyes can't see, Ears can't hear
But somehow I can perceive you
So you should run away like hell

There is a thousand more reasons to hate you
My dream of vengeance...
Let your soul decay

The secret strife is buried into the ageless tomb

Trail of blood, trace of you
End is nigh, the end of pain
It's not enough just to kill you
So you should regret you were born

There is a thousand more measures to torture you
My dream of vengeance...
Let your soul obey
Track Name: Sunset of Mankind
The day we ravaged
The point of no return
A foul stench of the mankind still remain

Rain of blood and filth stains our ruins of days gone by

Nothing will last
I'll see the end
Sunset of us

Purify this world

To regret is useless
Still searching the hope
A soul wrecked by desire we must save

Again a flood of corpse surges to our ruins of days gone by

Solitude in my grief and agony can not stop this fight
I clench my fist and grin my teeth hard
Still nothing has been changed
Track Name: Chosen Misery
Distress this rotting wound
It's time to crucify my own dignity

No joy
No hope
But no need for sympathy
This is the misery that I chose

Mistress with sullen face dwells in my wound
My own tragedy

Dismember cracked heart
This is the misery that I want

No one can deny this chosen misery
Peace of mind is derived from chosen misery

Caress this rotten wound
Feel no pain anymore
My own serenity

It burned, torn apart, and filled with drips of venom
There is no sign of scar you left