Evil Essence

by Lycanthrope

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released April 30, 2017




Lycanthrope Tokyo, Japan

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Track Name: The Dawn of Fools
Broken faith and story of a fallen brave
Revoking all the rules
Spoken words are slowly fading into the grave
Evoking all the ghouls

Lies overwhelming lives of our kind
Ride to the world entombed
Hide inside your mangy mind
With bloodshot eyes
Order of the doom

The dawn of fools…
The dying truth…

Bloated Jesus of the age of gloomy mind
Throwing life away
Behold the fetus of the dead of greedy swine
Towards the end of days
Track Name: Megalomania
Look into the mirror, the face is not of me
Dominant decay, that‘s forging of the hell 
Fall into the fear, a seed of violently
Denigrate divine
What’s chosen by free will?

I am glory one 
I feel god in me 
I see your demise 
Frozen eyes of me 
Broken like a death 
Beacon of dement 

I… I was king of world…
Delusion is the real 
Misplaced mind…will never heal

Take down the mirror, the face will never seen
Defiance denied, once forcing to suicide 
Exhaustively sear, defeated entity 
Disposed remains 
What’s treason of free will? 

I was crucified
I feel god’s descent 
I see your revenge
Rotting dead of me
Blowing by the wind 
Season of dement