Cataclysm and Chaos

by Lycanthrope

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Blood and misery feed insanity Saints are turning to shade of fear Shape of blasphemy, there is no dignity Crows are crying to take our souls Evil entity bleeds in eternity We are eroded by the blood Broken sanity, my insanity Chaos that running in my lineage Crawling fears from beyond Awful myth Mixed race of beast and man Lurking fears from inside Becoming beast Shadows in our blood are calling Shade of fear Daylight that torn Face of death Bloodlines that cursed
The Outsider 02:59
I...I can’t remember anything This blackened keep, I’m all alone I...I want to out from this place To see the sun, to see cloud in the sky I...I just remember everything People run away when they see my face I...I must return to where I from The outsider is what I should be Misery is my only friend I join the feast of ghastly fiends In the mirror there is a rotting ghoul I’ m that one, I’m an walking dead Misery...misery...misery...misery...
We are the scion of the dark We scorn all the human race We have a bloodline of the god We were born as keys to chaos The Spawn of the nameless mist The Key and the Gate The Black Goat with a Thousand Young The Mother of All We are the bringer of the doom We break the chain, we are free We rule and re-create the world We are the chaos, great old deities The God of a Thousand Forms The Faceless God Dweller in Darkness Mankind will be wiped away The Gods you believe are all delusion Gaze it! Great Old One’s manifestation The faith is broken as you lost all blessing The only you see is world’s devastation Yog=sothoth...Opener of the Way… Shub-Niggurath...Magna Mater… Nyarlathotep...Crawling Chaos… Azathoth...Demon Sultan…
I dwell in not of the earth I watched the eon passing Life and time have no meaning to me When the light and the dark ware born Where the law of causation dies I was there, The lord of all thing The blasphemer of the universe Far beyond the eternity Distorts reality Gnawing shadows of time As it returns, the world will crash and burn Azathoth, the blind idiot god Kneel down on the primal chaos! Everything I grasp will burn I dominate all time and space You are nothing but my delusion I think therefore you are I am the lord of all thing
From beyond the ethereal sky Shadows of demon calling us We hail morbid figures of death Halo of our blood shall rise Tombstone in the deep of sea The great old thing is sealed and asleep We pray to make it wake up again It’s no matter of time, the day shall come! Darkness will be new God of this world And lessor gods will flee from this world on the doomsday As ancient prophet said on his death They shall rise again from the cage of outer space Elder gods now be weak and tired Their seals shall be turning to dust Scourges will be brought by our lord Apex predator of cosmos Maelstrom of the chaos and the death Brings us brand new kind of fear Stars are right and they’ ll be return The darkness we worship become the God
Fall of last man, hope is gone Soul of this world is dead and gone Gates are opened, no turning back Chaos swallows all of us Frozen sea… blackened sky… the sun is fading… funeral Earth is torn… flame has ceased… the false god… funeral Earth’s last breath, no one alive Beasts are coming through the gate Great chaos deforms the world The end of mankind… funeral
Polaris 04:11
Strangers…shadows…crimson snow… All is nothing but my dream Slumber, watcher… Sweet oblivion Awoken stars shall rise Comfort of death will be given by guide of will of stars Falling down to the depth of my sleep Nothing remains like it used to be… Dream of death


released March 22, 2020




Lycanthrope Tokyo, Japan

Death Metal / Death Doom / Gothic Doom

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