Boundaries of Blood

by Lycanthrope

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released October 23, 2015




Lycanthrope Tokyo, Japan

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Track Name: World to End
I drown in the ashes of the humankind's remains
Cry out in the emptiness of cold and bleak waste
Saviours of above never came to us
We must brave to new kind of despair

Frozen eyes gazing the tower in the sky
Broken hope... Stolen days and growing death
Awakened fear ravages soul of us
The end is drawing near

Sky is lacerated and demons arrived
We must come to terms with despair

Wings of pain
Dreams of bane
Bring us brand new hell on earth

Rot to dead
Form of dread
See this misery, our demise

World to end
Ways to grave
All will be swallowed by the death

No way back
Now we see
We failed to save us

World to End
Track Name: Sea of Grief
Into the sea of grief the sun sunk forever
My soul is purged, crumbled to dust and lost forever

My tears, my gloom... shadows of the past
My fear, my doom... path to my demise

Too close to see my truth
Your unvoiced cry
To fall from grace
Our skies turn to gray

Your tears, your gloom... harrowed with my guilt
Your fear, your doom... lost to tragedy

I face to my bane... scars in my mind
I try to take your pain... fears make you bound

Into the sea of grief the sun sunk forever
Our soul is purged, crumbled to dust and lost forever

Our tears, our gloom... shadows of the past
Our fear, our doom... path to our demise
Track Name: Bloodshed
Aggression from beyond
Desolation of your land
Dismantle all things we see then we reave your flesh from bone

Dethrone your king from throne
Dismiss your tribe from land
Purify this nation with your blood and tears, genocide


Damnation of your clan
Down with the ancient crown
Execution of ethnic cleansing, civilization now destroyed

Salvation never came
Detonation, then all died
Justification by our God, it's a pure religious holocaust

Nothing remains after we reign
Destroying this land... Bloodshed!

Aggression from beyond
Damnation of your clan
Purify this nation with your blood and tears, genocide
Track Name: Deranged
Distressed by rains
Dispose my own will
Misguided eyes
My mind is ripped and torn apart

Waiting demise and pray for the dead
Damaged soul, there is no delight
Twisted, destroyed and deranged mind
Through dead eyes, I see no future

Depressive ruins
Disperse my own plague
Distraught with truth
My life seems beyond repair
Track Name: Stab Wound
Burnt upon cross of death
Drown in the darkness and woe
Blight inside my soul
Dawn of season of doom

Deadly embrace of your filthy hand
No one cares the bleeding flower
Every breath hurts my tired lung
Seal the sense to feel the pain no more

Freak out, eyes are blinded
Made out of slaying and loot
Reach out to fragile sanity
To stray from the thin red line

Stab wound is opened and bleeding again
And I standstill at my tormented years

Wretched slave, cage of killing field
No one knows a conclusion of our fate
Etched grave, days of endless hell
Feel the death, redemption is too late

Tearing soul and flesh apart
Lingering scents of your remains
Searing pain and insanity
Without cause, within a fear we die

I saw the end of our days
Die for the nothing but hate
Rise of the tyrant of death
High on the fire of hell
Stab wound is opened and bleeding again
This blood reminds me of the border of the life and death
Track Name: Under Rotting Sky
Refuse of sentiment still echoes in sky
An empty cry upon our grave
Depressed to leave our mortal world
An ember burns out and light dies

Redeem all our sins by burying ourself
A Forbidden site shows we are slave
Obsessed to reap our fragile words
A morbid mind follows our trace

Calm of death and doom make us purify
To cleanse our soul
Failure of divine unveiled to light
Save us from this end
To fade from the world under rotting sky

Remains of our days under rotting sky
A sailing ship carries our crime
Destined to keep our nature sin
A falling one
Track Name: Grim Messiah
Look at my eyes and you can see
that you have none of meaning of life
You're just worthless foul of a man
I'd give you cause to live

It's a deceitful salvation
It's a naked exploitation
Give me all of you can give
I'll give you things to believe

Messed up with my vast desire
Nothing is got from your prayer
Hail a fire of funeral pyre
Hell is here, You can”t make denial

I'm grim messiah
You're my pariah
I'm grim messiah

In your eyes the karma burning
Sins and lies are keep on walking
Grim messiah gives no helping
You're lost in the dream I gave

Locked inside my hands of doom
And you have lost all meaning of life
You're just worthless foul of a man
I'd give you cause to live

It's a deceitful salvation
It's a naked exploitation
Give me all of you can give
I'll give you things to believe
Track Name: A Thousand Sacrifices
Spawn of death devours the fear of the man
Scorn the earth
Defeat all the human race

Sacrifice a thousand soul
He will fall to southern pole
Far beyond the mortal's law
Glow of the thousand suns scorch world

Destruction, released great old one
Mass execution
Revoking all the human has be done

Stars now are right, the day has come
They'll be return to be rulers of world
Up from the sea, down from the sky
They'll be all around, No way to hide

The God we hail, the evil you dread
Now we see the truth of the myth
“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.”
by H.P. Lovecraft
Track Name: Despoiler of Souls
Venomous blood, blasphemous form
Heaven is denied and tortures last
Infamous fraud, Ravenous horde
Bereft of life is price for belief

Glitch of truth of the world we denied

Hideous bliss, Time to grief
Haven of your soul is turning to dust
Saviour of whores, Misbehavior of Gods
Raven is crying to the despoiler of souls

Blessing the fool
Wakening the ghoul
Rotting bloom
Coming doom
Craven divine
Heaven denied
Despoiler of souls of the world left behind
Track Name: I am the Shade
I don't want to see
I don't want to hear
I don't want to speak
I don't want truth

I am the ashes of you
I am the dust of you
I am the shade behind the priest's saying

It ain't your thought
It ain't your blame
It ain't your, It ain't your wanted life

Take away your broken misery
Melt away your frozen memory
Far away from where you were ever
Far beyond the realm of pain

Cast away your stolen pride
Make your way and bring to light
This day you're unleashed from
This insincere reigning of divine